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Embracing A 'Touch' Culture

"When patients are asked to evaluate their experience, they are asked to recall various aspects of their care. These are all well known to providers – communicating, listening, responding, etc. But providers don’t often think about the value of having a patient remember them or how they can actually cause that to happen. The easiest way to be remembered is to create a visual picture in the mind of the patient. So when the patient sits down to fill out a survey based on an experience that may have been filled with confusion and pain, the warm smile or gentle voice of the caregiver breaks through the haze."
from Embracing A 'Touch' Culture

A 20-year passion for patient perception

Born out of Perception Strategies' 20 years of healthcare qualitative research, TASK TO TOUCH E-LEARNING videos represent a belief that if caregivers can better understand how patients view their experience, they can apply the necessary behavior and emotional intelligence skills, or TOUCH, required to alter patient perception and ultimately guarantee a positive patient response.

That is why everything we do, from field research and mystery shopping to video production and training, is designed to help clients shift to a TOUCH culture by insuring that healthcare providers have the knowledge, desire, and skill to connect with patients in ways that create win-win scenarios for the organization and the patient.


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